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Golf professional, Gill Kreischer on a golf course in North Carolina

U.S. Kids Golf


Pinehurst, NC

The Village of Pinehurst, NC 28374​

Late Fall 2024 Winter/Spring 2025

PGA Teaching Professional Bill Kreischer offering private hourly golf instruction, group lessons and one to three day personalized golf schools


Private Lessons

One-hour private golf lesson will include range balls and video swing analysis using V1 golf app. V1 golf is the premier golf pro software on the market that includes video analysis and lesson delivery solutions.

Full Day Golf Schools

Small golf schools with 3 hours of golf instruction in the morning on the driving range with a Video analysis using the V1 golf app


One hour lunch break

Two hours playing lesson with the pro covering course management, rules and golf etiquette

After the schools session, players have unlimited golf in the afternoon including range balls

There are several variables for rates depending on your needs and type of package. Groups of two or more enjoy great savings on all our golf school programs!

Club fittings and equipment advice available


To schedule a golf lesson or for more information call, text or email 


Mobile 910 603-1760


Learn the right club to choose when faced with a Chip or Pitch

Understand the “Loft” of your Short Irons and Sand Wedges and their useful function

The proper “mini” swing when Chipping and Pitching

How to get your ball out of the Bunker every time

How to hit Bunker shots from different lies

How to hit Bunker Shots of short, medium, and long distances

Learn to read greens!

How to develop distance control with your putter.

Learn what is meant by “hitting your putts on line” and finding the right speed”

How to become a consistent putter from 40 to 60 feet, and how to sink 4 foot putts more easily. Becoming better at the short shots around the green, getting out of Bunkers efficiently, and eliminating 3-putts is VITAL for any golfer who seeks improvement in their score

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