​On all these levels.



Learn the right club to choose when faced with a Chip or Pitch.

Understand the “Loft” of your Short Irons and Sand Wedges and their useful function.

The proper “mini” swing when Chipping and Pitching.

How to get your ball out of the Bunker every time.

How to hit Bunker shots from different lies.

How to hit Bunker Shots of short, medium, and long distances.

Learn to read greens!

How to develop distance control with your putter.

Learn what is meant by “hitting your putts on line” and finding the right speed”.

How to become a consistent putter from 40 to 60 feet, and how to sink 4 foot putts more easily. Becoming better at the short shots around the green, getting out of Bunkers efficiently, and eliminating 3-putting is VITAL for any golfer who seeks improvement in their score.